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Peranakan is a culture that you will only find in South East Asia countries, especially in Malacca, Penang and Singapore. This culture is very unique, it is formed from the mix marriage between Chinese and Malay people, their kids are call "Baba" for guy, and "Nyonya" for girl.

In large bowl beat eggs, add water, onion soup mix, black pepper, tomato sauce and green peppers, stir. Mix in slow cooker meatballs and gravy and bread crumbs. Mix thoroughly with hands.

The classic meats are the best for meatball recipes, and so here we're going to look at a recipe for pork meatballs, enough to provide two large servings or perhaps as a smaller entre for a larger group. We're also combining the meatball dish with cheese for a delicious contrasting flavour, so give it a try! You can also use veal in this recipe, as combination's of meat work really well with meatballs, but if you just want to stick with pork, that's also fine!

However, if you can get past the crust (just toss it on the side and feed it to the dog if necessary), Red Baron's Pepperoni Pizza has a fairly competent consistency. It's quite easy to set up and you are ready to gorge in approximately half an hour. The breading of the pizza itself will not fall apart the way a lesser brand will, the cheese is quite satisfying and the pepperoni...well, let's just say it would be quite difficult to mess that up! The italian meatballs is nothing special, but here again, Red Baron will not skimp on their product.

This one might surprise you! You can usually find pizza here in their prepared food section. If you get two slices you'll only pay $5.00 and they are generous slices of pizza with great toppings. You may feel better in that since it is Whole Foods, they're going to use good ingredients. Have you ever had something from there that was greasy? Not likely. Consider them if you want a thin-crust slice of pizza and you're near one. You won't wait nearly as long as you would from a retail place and usually slices are already made and kept warm for pending customers. They have basic slices such as sausage and pepperoni; I've also seen Hawaiian -style, and slow cooker recipes for kids alfredo slices. Like I said, it depends on location, so if one doesn't have it, another location might have it.


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